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Find out how Tabit can help make your life simple and easy.
You deserve it.

How To Pay With TabitThe Tabit Experience

It’s Never Been Easier to Pay

Tabit makes it fun and easy to order and pay for meals and drinks.

1. Get the Tabit App

Getting your hands on Tabit is easy and once you’ve downloaded the app setup is even easier. Just link your credit card and away you go. We accept all major credit cards. Currently Tabit is only available on iOS but will be coming to Android and Windows devices soon!

2. Find Your Hangout

Go to your favorite corner bar or discover a new favorite spot with Tabit. We use your location to show you the places around you and also let you browse by what you’re in the mood for. Found a new favorite place? Simply add it to your favorites so you can go again!

3. Browse the Menu

Hungry? Thirsty? Good. With Tabit, browsing through a restaurant or bar menu is simple. Add items to your order like a pro and better yet, if a venue offers loyalty options for purchases you’ll get points too.

4. Order and Devour

Review your order, submit it, and and sit back and relax while Tabit takes it from there. It’s as easy as that. Also, when you order with Tabit you have the peace of mind knowing that your payment information is secure. Say goodbye to those pesky credit cards.

Find out more about the Tabit Experience.

Worry more about sharing moments and less about what’s in your wallet.

  • Pay & Go

    With Tabit it’s easy to pay for your drink or meal. Never wait for your bill or tab again and have peace of mind knowing that Tabit takes care of it all.

  • Quick & Easy Setup

    What does it feel like to setup, pay, and eat at the click of the button? Like this.

  • Reward Yourself with Savings

    Going out with friends is all about one thing – you. It’s time you started to act like it. With Tabit you’ll save more and stress less.

  • Tabit Perks

    Tabit gives you the perks you need to enjoy your time out on the town. Learn more about Tabit Perks now.

  • Get the App

Experience Tabit, It’s a Lifestyle

Never Wait in Line

Let Tabit speed up your order and shorten your wait-time. Tabit lets you purchase orders from you mobile device without the lengthy wait-times and get back to focusing on what’s important… your friends and family.

Never Worry about Open Bar Tabs

Tabit makes it possible to never worry about closing out your tab again! Tabit it easy, intuitive, and built with your convenience in mind. Just go to any place where Tabit is accepted and your tab goes with you. Where to next?

Leave Your Wallet At Home

With Tabit, there’s no reason to carry your wallet with you everywhere you go. Instead, just bring your mobile device and download the Tabit app to improve the way you dine. Tabit makes your food and beverage purchasing simple, fun, and safe.

Love Rewards?

Tabit lets you collect, earn, track, and redeem rewards for instant savings

Instant Rewards

Tabit makes saving easy, with instant rewards that are redeemed automatically on every purchase. No more are the days of carrying loyalty cards, reward cards, or gift cards. With Tabit, you can collect, earn, redeem rewards so you can save on every purchase.

Personalized Service

With Tabit, you too can become a VIP customer and get the service you want.

Safe & Secure

With Tabit, your wallet never leaves your pocket, so never lose your credit card again.

Feel More Secure

Tabit is PCI-DSS Level 4 certified. What does that mean? It means, we go the distance to ensure all your payment information is secure and only accessible by you. With Tabit, you will have piece of mind knowing you’re save, so you can focus on the important things…what are you going to order next?

Get All the Perks

Convenience Ordering

Tabit enhances your experience by allowing you to place orders at your convenience and pay using your mobile device, no longer waiting for the server.

Global Tab System

Never worry about open tabs or lost credit cards. With Tabit your wallet stays in your pocket and your tab goes with you, right on your mobile device providing you flexibility and safety.

Tab Receipts

Tabit lets you manage your purchase history with our Tab Receipts. Never forget that unique dish you ate a week ago or that great new restaurant you found. With Tabit all your history and statistics are stored on your account.

What Our Users Say About Tabit:

“I use Tabit because I love the fast service, no more waiting.”
Jonathan Kyle, New York, NY

“Tabit, it fits my lifestyle…quick, safe, and reliable.”
Calvin Saunders, New York, NY