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Tabit Business.

A new way of serving customers and saving money, so you can focus more on what you do best…Your business.

Tabit Business is More than Just a Point-of-Sales System

It’s a new way of doing business, where any merchant can
now accept orders from any customer’s mobile device.

Simplify the Merchant Experience with Tabit

Smarter, easier, more effective business tools, will help streamline and improve your business.

  • Convenience Ordering:

    Tabit enhances your experience by allowing customers to place orders at their convenience and pay using their mobile device, translating into a faster, more reliable, and more personal service.

  • Customer ID:

    Tabit allows you to identify new, repeat, and VIP customers and segment your customer base allowing for individually targeted rewards providing a personalized touch to any customer’s experience.

  • Instant Rewards:

    With Tabit, the customer can save on every purchase at your business. Tabit makes managing loyalty programs easy, with automatically activated savings and rewards on every purchase.

  • Increased Sales:

    Tabit allows merchants to have faster transactions and shorter wait-times by removing the time lost while paying with cash and swiping credit cards.
    Faster Transaction = More Transaction = Increased Sales.

  • Enhanced Control:

    Tabit gives you enhanced control over your workforce. Due to the lack of handling cash, credit, or debit cards, there is less chance for employee theft or fraud.

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We Reward Merchants with Tabit Business Tools

Simplified Payment Processing

Tabit Business simplifies your business transactions. No contracts. No additional fees. And you pay just 2.5% or less (plus 30 cents per tab) on every transaction with as many orders per tab as a customer likes, saving you money. The Tabit POS system is seamless with your current POS platform, with sales deposited automatically into your business account.

Safe & Secured Transactions

Have confidence in the Tabit Business system. Why? Because Tabit Business encrypts every transaction keeping both your business and your customer’s information safe. Tabit is PCI-DSS Level 4 Compliant, meaning we take data security very seriously and we want to relieve your stress, so you can focus on what you do best, running your business while getting paid securely.

Advanced Business Analytics

Tabit lets businesses get an in-depth look at customer purchasing habits by integrating full-scale analytics into the Tabit Business platform. Track purchases, cataloged items, promotion effectiveness, and more. Tabit informs businesses of who your customers are and what marketing strategies actually work. Now you can gain comprehensive data allowing you to make better decisions for your business.

Tabit Business processes all major forms of payment:

Learn More About the Tabit Business Advantage:

As Tabit grows in your business, we reward you by decreasing your transaction fees. Learn more about our decreasing transaction fees program.

Easily Attract & Retain Your Customers

Tabit Business let’s you directly engage and reward customers like never before.

Connect With Customers

Our system allows you to connect with your customers by capturing order history, preferences, and decisions allowing you to personalize the entire customer experience. It’s time to turn your satisfied customers into repeat customers.

Custom Promotions

Merchants can now customize their promotions to target new customers, repeat customers, and VIP customers. As well as providing deals and incentives that can be instantly and automatically redeemed on purchases through the Tabit system. Learn more about our Custom Promotions.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to niche customers or to broader audiences informing them of special promotions or simply new additions to the menu. Keep your customers connected and informed with Tabit Business.

Why Accept Mobile Sales?

It allows you to provide your customers with an unmatched level of personalization and efficiency.

  • $171 B

    mobile payment customers spent $171 billion in sales in 2012

  • 40%

    40% of customers want e-menus with mobile ordering

  • 50%

    50% of customers want mobile payments with increased restaurant accessibility

  • Industry Growth:

    Food & beverage industry is expected to grow by 3.8% with sales reaching $660 billion in 2013, with mobile sales on the rise.

  • Mobile Promotions:

    33% of customers want to receive merchant specials, discounts, & event news on their mobile device.

  • Pent-up Demand:

    40% of customers feel they do not use restaurants enough.

  • Mobile Ordering:

    Of those who own a smart phone, 54% have downloaded an e-commerce application and 24% indicate that this application is essential.

  • You’re Not Alone:

    80% of merchants want to connect with customers via a mobile device.

“I personally know merchants who are trying to connect with their customers to enhance their experience…Facebook and Twitter, just don’t satisfy, but Tabit does.”
Angela Stormont, Boston, MA

Tabit Global Promotions

Incentivize your customers no matter where they are and track the effectiveness of your promotions.

Tabit Global Promotions allows promotions to be targeted directly to unique customers based on almost any metric, new customers, repeat customers, VIP customers, or items purchased. Here’s a visual: