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About Tabit

About Tabit

Tabit was founded by a group of friends who were fed up with the hassles faced with dining-out and socializing. So, we decided to do something about it! Our mission is to provide a more personalized, easy, low cost, and efficient culinary experience. We do this through our electronic payment service that replaces the antiquated payment systems used by nearly every merchant. With Tabit, every dining experience is a better dining experience. Tabit, make life easier, just Tab It!

At its core, Tabit is an electronic payment service that effectively lowers a business’ transaction fees and allows them to process orders faster with improved security, and enhanced data analytics. We do more than just that, Tabit promotes a positive dining experience by connecting consumers and businesses in a simple, intuitive, and efficient manner. This in turn allows business owners and fun-seekers to focus more on the experience and less on the superfluous details.

“Tabit enhances the merchant and consumer experience by simplifying the purchasing process.”
Carlton Reeves, Founder of Tabit

Tabit. Coming to a City Near You

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Tabit makes eating, drinking, and sharing good times with friends fun again.

The Tabit Team

Tabit is led by Carlton Reeves and his team of software engineers, sales and marketing directors, analysts, engineers, designers, and business advisors. We are a group of avid users of mobile technology and enjoy the social experience of dining-out. Through our passions, we were inspired to create a better solution that solves the many problems of antiquated payment processes, annoying loyalty programs, and long wait-times that have been plaguing the dining industry for generations.

Find out how Tabit can help your business grow or learn more about how you can use Tabit to buy a drink.

Tabit in the News

MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneur Series

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From Small Beginnings

From a seed grows a tree. Tabit grew from an idea that was cultivated in the field of business plan competitions. After many revisions and countless hours, Tabit began to sprout. Assembling a team and building a product, led to a trunk growing, which slowly began to sprawl with branches. Finally, after many arduous months, leaves beginning to flourish. Check back to get the latest Tabit news.

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